Jean-François Le Borgne

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Fields of interest: evolution of galaxies, observationnal cosmology.
Physics of galaxies team at LAT-OMP

STELIB: a library of stellar spectra for population synthesis

The objective of our Stellar Library is to build an homogeneous library of stellar spectra in the visible range (3200 to 9500A), including stars of all spectral types, luminosity classes and metallicity that can be observed from the ground with the current instrumentation. Most of the stars in our sample have already well determined metallicities. The spectral resolution of our Stellar Library is about 3A FWHM.

SN1995o: a supernova in the intracluster medium of Abell 2218

Amateur Astronomy

The GEOS (Groupe Européen d'Observation Stellaire), a more than twenty-years-old group, is composed by variable star observers belonging to a number of European countries. The group's main purpose is to observe variable stars and process the data thus collected with research work as a final objective.

The GEOS RR Lyr database is intended to help observations and studies on RR Lyr stars by amateur astronomers. It contains times of light maximum of RR Lyr stars obtained either visually or with electronic devices or photographically. The stars concerned are field RRab and RRc.